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Re: Access of Calling Card Dial in Number From Prepaid Cellular

Marcus Didius Falco (
Sat, 13 Nov 2004 18:51:56 -0500

Marek Tomczyk <> wrote about
Access of Calling Card Dial in Number From Prepaid Cellular on
Fri, 12 Nov 2004 23:43:32 +0100:

> I'm posting this for a friend (Juergen). Find his contact address at
> the bottom of this post. Thanks.

> Marek
> ===========

> Hi Telecom Digest,

> This October I stayed three weeks in the bay area. I like it a lot,
> and this time I even had a GSM1900 (Nokia 6100) phone from my
> German provider T-Mobile with me.

> The phone worked fine, but I never ever used it to place phone
> calls home to Germany and I never ever answered any incoming call.

> Why? Quite simple, the charges for outgoing and esspecially inbound
> calls are outrageous. Just imagine to pay $1.70 for incoming calls
> per minute!!!

> So I have decided now to get an American mobile phone on my next
> trip to the USA.

> I like the offer of AT&T Wireless very much as it provides a long
> validity of one year for balances starting at $100. Domestic calling
> with the Free2Go service is very reasonable priced, but calling
> foreign countries is still expensive.

> So the idea is to use a calling card service for this matter. The
> AT&T documents say that prepaid calling card service is not
> possible with Free2Go. Besides this AT&T says in its terms that
> certain numbers can be blocked if "abuse" to the network happens.

> Is calling a local dial in number from a mobile phone in America, in
> particular from a free2Go phone, abusive usage of the network?

> Do you know if calling of local (regular) dial in number from American,
> in particular prepaid aka "pay as you go" services is possible?

> Can such providers block access to those numbers?

> Unfortunately I could not find definitive information about this issue
> on the web.

> Thanks,


I have used my Verizon phone to dial 800 numbers, including the one
for my calling card. Since the wireless company recovers its regular
per-minute charge for 800 numbers, I fail to see why which 800 number
you call should be an issue.

Since you last used your phone in the US, AT&T wireless has been
taken over by Cingular. Cingular may have different terms. Moreover,
T-Mobile also provides GSM service, and sells pre-paid plans.

Finally, check the roaming charges on your German SIM. Some companies
are much cheaper than others. I know of pre-paid SIMs from Switzerland
and Monaco that are usable nearly world wide, and generally charge
about $1 per minute when roaming.

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