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Re: Update: Vonage Ring Problem

Tony P. (
Sat, 13 Nov 2004 18:51:56 -0500

In article <>, says:

> It appears the problem is solved.

> I looked at Linksys's datasheet for the RT31P2 router and found you
> could vary the ring voltage and frequency (60 to 90 vrms at 10 to 40Hz).
> But Vonage locks that on the router.

> Finally got a former switch tech when I called support who understood
> what I was telling him in that the router is supposed to support 5REN on
> the jack on the router.

> I told him to crank the voltage to 90 vrms and sure enough -- the
> Trimline, Princess and Celebrity all ring when they're plugged in
> together.

> He mentioned 90 vrms stressing the unit. I told him that if the unit
> was stressed by 90 vrms which is telecom industry standard for ring
> voltage, and further that the specs for the unit indicate it is
> capable of, then the problem lay with their choice of router not the
> settings.

> So all is functional now. All I have left to do is the dial pulse to
> DTMF converter so my Imperial and 302 can connect and I'll be all set.

> Tony

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I assume the tech had to unlock your
> TA at his end while you were speaking and make that change to 90 vms.
> And as far as their choice of router goes, I am not hearing very
> good things about the Linksys device. I do not know what Vonage was
> hung about with the Motorola TA; it has mostly worked fine for me,
> although a couple people with super sensitive ears still complain to
> me that I 'drop out' on occassion when talking to them. I just tell
> them to put new batteries in their hearing aids. PAT]

The unit appears to be working well now. I have noted some peculiarities

I found either dialing 1+NPA+NXX+XXXX completes calls in < 2 seconds
while dialing NXX-XXXX takes 5 to 6 seconds -- they're waiting to time
out in that case.

I also note that in some instances ringback will continue even though
supervision has started.

Click to Dial works great. I just wish it would save phone numbers but
it doesn't appear to be doing so.

Overall the receive audio quality is mostly superb (I do notice a
slight background noise that reminds me of the old microwave
transmissions systems for LD calls.) and outgoing audio reminds most
people of a cell phone less the gaps. I can live with that.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: On your Vonage seven digit dialing try
adding a carriage return ('#') at the end of your dialing string to
speed things up somewhat. In other words, NXX-XXXX# should work a bit
faster. PAT]

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