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Re: Clicking in Phone Line From Electric Fence

Gordon S. Hlavenka (
Mon, 01 Nov 2004 22:44:45 -0600

> {TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I had telephone service once where the
> line went bad, and telco decided it was necessary to swap the pairs.
> Trouble was, they had a hard time finding *any* spare pairs in the
> cable, but about a half-dozen pairs which were out of order. So what
> telco wound up doing (I found out later) was to take *one* good wire
> from one pair and a second good wire from another pair

I'm astonished that they would do this. What you've described is
called a "split pair" and is a huge no-no! Since the two wires being
used are not twisted _together_ in the bundle, they are not exposed to
exactly the same noise environment and thus the pair is not balanced.
Of course, a DC resistance check will claim that the line is fine, but
it's not.

It's no wonder they had to come out a second time and fix it for real.

Gordon S. Hlavenka
"If we imagined he could _find_ the car,
we could pretend it might be fixed." - Calvin

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