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Re: Pre-Recorded Phone Should be Illegal

Steve Sobol (
Mon, 01 Nov 2004 17:24:09 -0800

Lisa Hancock wrote:

> In this election season, I have been BOMBARDED with pre-recorded phone
> calls pitching various candidates, flooding my answering machine.

> I know election phone calls are legal.

> However, I think pre-recorded phone calls, of any kind, should be
> illegal.

Me too. Apple Valley, California town council incumbent Tim Jasper got
a call from me on Friday telling him I had decided not to vote for him
due to a prerecord. He got my message and called back and said "I
can't reach everyone -- it is necessary for me to make those calls."


The prerecord contained the exact same content his radio ad
had. Hm. Oh, that's right, the radio ad only reached a couple people!
What was I thinking?!

Bite me, Tim Jasper. You had already used several more acceptable
channels to broadcast your message. Telemarketing calls are bad
enough, but if you don't have enough respect for me to call me
yourself, don't talk to me at all. Internet & New Media Services,
Steven J. Sobol, Geek In Charge / 888.480.4NET (4638) /
PGP Key available from your friendly local key server (0xE3AE35ED)
Apple Valley, California Nothing scares me anymore. I have three kids.

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