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Re: Update: Vonage Ring Problem

DevilsPGD (
Sun, 14 Nov 2004 00:52:41 -0700

In message <> Tony P.
<> wrote:

> I found either dialing 1+NPA+NXX+XXXX completes calls in < 2 seconds
> while dialing NXX-XXXX takes 5 to 6 seconds -- they're waiting to time
> out in that case.

Try dialing NPA+NXX+XXXX and it will connect the call immediately.

> Overall the receive audio quality is mostly superb (I do notice a
> slight background noise that reminds me of the old microwave
> transmissions systems for LD calls.) and outgoing audio reminds most
> people of a cell phone less the gaps. I can live with that.

Last I heard Vonage is artificially adding background noise.

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: On your Vonage seven digit dialing try
> adding a carriage return ('#') at the end of your dialing string to
> speed things up somewhat. In other words, NXX-XXXX# should work a bit
> faster. PAT]

That doesn't (and has never) worked here.

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