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Re: Home Phones Face Uncertain Future

kansasman (
1 Nov 2004 14:23:27 -0800

John Levine <> wrote in message

>> What do land lines provide? Security. Predictable service. Almost
>> unlimited bandwidth. ... Virtually every building in these towns
>> are being rewired with direct fiber optic cables -- from CO to every
>> building. That means VoIP, massive data transfers, security, the
>> reliability not provided, yet, by cell phones, and a host of other
>> yet to be discovered features.

> Fiber has bandwidth, but unlike copper, it can't power the phones. An
> important parts of the reliability of POTS is that the phones are
> powered from the phone line, so you don't depend on the power company
> or batteries.

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>, Mayor,,
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That is very true, but in my house, we only keep one POTS phone (no
batteries, local service) near the bed, and then rely on SunRocket
VoIP the rest of the time. We are saving so much more money by not
paying for regional and national phone plans, and we do not have to
wait until 5 or 7p.m. when the rates go down. We also do not have to
wait until 8p.m. when our cell calls are free. It just means more
flexibility and organization. I love that my VoIP calls and e-mail all
come to one centralized place.

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