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Re: Home Phones Face Uncertain Future

kansasman (
3 Nov 2004 11:10:51 -0800

> You think AT&T was not static? They attempted how many different
> solutions justified by MBA concepts? They had no idea of how to put
> VoIP on cable. They bought cable companies based upon spread sheet
> analysis only to discover, after the fact, that entire cable company
> infrastructure was built with the wrong cable -- using cost controls
> to install wrong cable. For a third time, the entire cable network
> had to be replaced again. Any product oriented thinker could see
> that. But AT&T management is anti-innovative -- which means
> anti-American. AT&T managers did not even sufficient technical
> knowledge to even read the label on cable entering their own homes.
> AT&T did not have the capital to replace the entire network. So AT&T
> sold off those cable companies at a major loss. Was it a $500 million
> loss? You call that trying a new business? I call it classic MBA
> school management techniques where "a good manager can manage ANY
> business" ... into the ground.

> It gets more damning as we think more product oriented. AT&T did not
> comprehend packet switching concepts. Too complex.

You are right about AT&T. At&T has not changed its ways as a telcom
conglomerate; with their VoIP service, customer service is still
unresponsive, treating customers like numbers. I do not want that. You
do not want that. I am ready for a new company that actually treats
their customers like poeple, not like the next problem in line. Next!

A friend of mine has been enjoying her SunRocket service, particularly
because during the few times she did call customer service, SunRocket
was extremely helpful and quick! There is nothing more agravating than
waiting on hold only to hear an electronic non-human voice at the
other end of the line. Have you looking into SunRocket service
( It is available in the DC and Boston areas now, and
they are going national at the end of the year.

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