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Tue, 02 Nov 2004 01:21:19 -0700

In message <> Neal McLain
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>> As for the channel 4 issue, my guess as to why Cable One isn't using
>> it now is that they used to use it for a premium channel such as HBO
>> using negative traps (which remove the signal of a given channel or
>> group of adjacent channels), and they moved HBO to another analog
>> channel or to digital and left channel 4 idle because reusing it for
>> something else would require visiting the homes of all current
>> customers who don't have HBO to remove traps ...

> Good point. I've known this to happen in other cable systems as well.

> However, I still think that in the specific case at hand, the
> Coffeyville TV station was probably the primary reason for not using
> cable channel 4. Given that channel 4 is subject to interference from
> a television station (even a weak one like W04EJ), it seems unlikely
> that the cable company would have used that channel for an important
> service like HBO or Showtime.

Could it be that there wasn't a conflict at that time?

Channel 4 isn't used for anything important here, just text news last
time I checked, but the picture is clear and sharp.

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