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Re: Clicking in Phone Line From Electric Fence

David Clayton (
Sat, 30 Oct 2004 18:38:36 +1000

Matt <> contributed the following:

> Hi,

> Got a weird problem that I'm looking for a possible resolution
> to. There is a fairly large farm with about a mile of electric fence
> around the cattle area, with a pulsing electric fence. Apparently
> this is a heavy duty pulser and is able to power 100 miles of fence.

> The phone line for the caretaker and ONE of the two office
> lines experience a continual hum as well as a click, click, click,
> click, click, every time the electric fence fires off. The program
> director does not experience any known issue on his line, and the
> other line in the office is fine. I find this very odd, since both of
> the office lines come in (presumably) on the same cable?

Since one line is ok, it is possible the faulty line is actually on a
"split pair" where (for some portion of the run) it is connected using
different legs of 2 pairs in a cable, rather than both legs of one

It will still have connectivity and work, but if there is any junk
about, you'll hear it (as you have described).


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