TELECOM Digest OnLine - Sorted: Re: Digest Contributors Are Getting Very Sloppy

Re: Digest Contributors Are Getting Very Sloppy
11 Jul 2006 06:49:58 -0700

Mr Joseph Singer wrote:

> Many people when replying to digest articles apparently have no
> concept of editing. In a recent digest of articles several replies
> made their reply swell to two or three times the necessary size by
> replying and including every single bit of the original article and
> sometimes even beyond that including previous replies!

This is a very common problem on Usenet. It seems most people add a
sentence or two to a post already hundreds of lines long. Very
frustrating to us with slow modems and connections since we have to
wait for all that garbage to page through, especially when the added
line is merely "I agree". Google as a news reader blanks old stuff out
unless you ask to see it, this is a big help.

The WW II site moderator rejects such posts.

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