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Re: Should I Put Cell Phone on National do Not Call List?

Danny Burstein (
Sat, 20 Nov 2004 05:35:55 UTC

In <> Marcus Didius Falco <> writes:

> Comments: While it's true that the major wireless phone providers
> (with the sole exception of Verizon) have announced their intention to
> compile a directory of customers' cell phone numbers, it isn't true
> that they plan to "publish" said directory for all to see. The numbers
> will be made available only if customers opt in, and will be
> accessible only by those who call information and pay a fee.

Err, not quite. See next comment;

> Participating service providers swear the numbers will never be
> available to telemarketers.

while the actual combined (cellular company telco) directory may be
reasonably restricted somehow or other, that does you absolutely NO
GOOD if your cellular number is in other databases.

Ever stop at East Cupcake Tire Repair and give them your name, address,
and cellular number? Guess what. You're now in a searchable record. A very
big and highly marketed one.

> Meanwhile, the Federal Trade Commission does allow
> worried cell phone users to add their numbers to the National Do Not Call
> or by calling 1-888-382-1222 .

Good idea. While not perfect (I'm still waiting for the 10,000 volt
kickback option to unwanted call makers) the list _does_ significantly
reduce the numbers of calls. And, as the cost to comply with it gets
higher and higher[a], fewer outgoing call centers will stay in

[a] unless the telemarketers and their friends get Congress to relax it.
And they're certainly trying.

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