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Lisa Hancock (
18 Nov 2004 06:51:08 -0800

Jack Decker <jack-yahoogroups@withheld on request> wrote:

> You should be very concerned when your elected representatives attempt
> to take away any of the rights you currently enjoy, but especially
> when it is done solely to benefit large mega-corporations who already
> feel they somehow deserve part of every paycheck you receive.

Whenever a law is proposed that might benefit the business community,
it seems people quickly object on the grounds it will just help
megacorporations who don't need any help. But this isn't true.

The business world consists of many different sized businesses. Yes
there are the mega businesses, but there are also plenty of tiny and
small firms. They have legitimate needs, too.

In this particular issue of copyright law, I am not too thrilled about
taking away "fair use" which I think greatly serves the public
interest. However, it must be remembered that many copyright holders
are not megacorporations, but individuals who may have written but one
book or song and are fully entitled to receive the benefits of their

An example of bad protests is the bankruptcy issue. The bankruptcy
laws were revised some years ago and made too lenient. People say
those laws shouldn't be changed because otherwise the big banks would
benefit. But they don't realize many small business people are also
hurt by customers who file for bankruptcy and don't pay their bills.

In the case of megacorporations, the solution is to break them up
under anti-trust laws and not allow their formation in the first
place. Wal-Mart shouldn't be allowed in the grocery business and
should be limited in how many of their stores are in a given commerce
zone to allow for other stores, to give one example. K-Mart and Sears
should not be allowed to merge.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: K-Mart (remember when it used to be
the 'dime store' Kresge's?) and Sears (remember when it used to be
known as 'Sears and Roebuck' ?) in fact have merged. Walmart is not
at all pleased about it. PAT]

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