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Re: What Wal-Mart Knows About Customers' Habits

Lisa Hancock (
18 Nov 2004 09:41:13 -0800 (Mark Reichert) wrote:

> What will you do when, no longer able to squeeze its employees or
> suppliers, it starts squeezing you by lowering the quality?

Shop somewhere else.

The history of retailing (indeed all businesses) is filled
with survivors who adapted over time and failures who didn't.

There once was a hot chain of discount stores known as EJ Korvette.
They prospered for a while, but then made poor business decisions
and whithered away.

In the supermarket world, A&P was once a major leading chain.
It's still around but far from being a leader.

We have a regional convenience store chain that is rooted in
iron foundaries.

I could go on and on with examples from industry of long-time
companies that survive and prosper to this day and once prosperous
industry leaders that barely exist, if at all.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Maybe you read in the papers
recently where K-Mart and Sears had merged, making the combined
thing now the third largest retail chain. Walmart has been watching
that closely. There was a K-Mart in the complex where Walmart is
located; Walmart drove them out of business two years ago. On the
other hand, Sears has been downtown for about fifty years, and say
they plan on staying. Our very first drug store chain (first for
here in s.e. Kansas at least) -- Walgreens -- is scheduled to open
in about six months; downtown -- praise God! -- on the corner of
9th and Maple Streets; the house owned at one point in time by
Alf Landon when he was governor of Kansas. They've been squabbling
for some time over the historical significance of that house, but
it now appears it is going to be moved and the corner cleared for
the new Walgreen's store. PAT]

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