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Re: EFF: Anti-Spam Measures Block Free Speech

Ed Clarke (
18 Nov 2004 02:21:50 GMT

In article <>, Monty Solomon wrote:

> EFF White Paper Reports on Collateral Damage to Free Expression in
> the Fight Against Spam

> San Francisco - Today the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)
> released a white paper (HTML - PDF) describing the effects of
> anti-spam technologies on free speech. "Noncommercial Email Lists:
> Collateral Damage in the Fight Against Spam" focuses on how groups
> running noncommercial email lists are being harmed by anti-spam
> techniques. The paper grew out of EFF's efforts to help,
> human rights groups, parents' groups, and others, deliver email
> messages in the face of barriers that are aimed at stopping spam but
> that also stop wanted messages.

This is absolutely on purpose. Collateral Damage is a necessary
technique to rid the net of spammers. If you give money to a company
that facilitates spamming then you are no better than a spammer. Move
the damn website to an IP range owned by a company that does not spam.
Let the spam supporting service providers go broke because they have
no customers.

You will get no sympathy from me for having your mail dropped. It is
the same as if you put a show about breast cancer on a hard core XXXX
rated pornography cable channel and had your message blocked by parental
controls. If you don't think enough of your message to move it to a
clean area, you can feel free to roll it up tight and shove it where
the sun doesn't shine. Right next to your head.

Hell hath no fury like a system admin who has to clean up after all
the spam. And the virus attachments that turn clueless users into
spam relays. There are four hundred virus infected attachments (18
different varieties of virus) and fifty one hundred spam messages in
my quarantine directory right now.

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