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Rich Greenberg (
14 Nov 2004 19:26:54 -0500

In article <>, HENRY CASTLE
<> wrote:

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Of the 126 times in the past two days
> I have been selected by some bogus Solicitor in Nigeria somewhere to
> serve as the executor of some poor deceased devils estate (always
> numbering in the millions-billions of dollars) I have never once
> answered them. I am wondering what would happen if I did. I've had
> many folks say these charlatans would try to pick me clean, getting
> my bank deposit account numbers, my social security number, etc. And
> some have suggested they (the charlatans) would send you a bogus
> draft for several thousand million billion dollars to be deposited
> in my bank account, which, surprise!, would turn out to be
> counterfiet after I had endorsed/negotiated it and remitted proceeds
> back to the Solicitor, etc.

> Has anyone on the net ever played their game back at them? That is to
> say, responded saying "I am so sorry to hear of my long lost relative
> being deceased, how can I help you?" then milked them and toyed with
> them as long as they kept playing back? I wonder what they would
> say/do then? Let's say, a few typographical errors in your social
> security number, your bank and credit card numbers, etc. Or maybe a
> *l o n g* time before you remitted proceeds back to them less the
> matter of your fees, of course. Naturally you do not withdraw five
> cents of the 'money order' or 'bank draft' they use to pay you with
> until *it* has cleared, in the unlikely event it ever does. I would
> suggest you give it to your bank and ask *them* to clear it first
> before they issue any credit to you. Above all, do not sign or endorse
> it in any way. See if you can get any good, legitimate email or
> street addresses for these fools before you get them on the run, of
> course. So -- if there are any Sires or Madams in our audience today
> who feel like playing along and milking Henry Castle, Solicitor at
> Law for whatever he may be worth, have at it. Here is his Crock
> for your examination and purusal. PAT]

There are two flavors of these scams and the "You have won the lottery"

One flavor is that you have to send them several hundred dollars of
earnest money/processing fee or some such. You send that and you
never hear from them again or perhaps they attempt to get an
additional fee.

The other is that if they can get your bank account and bank routing
numbers, they will monitor your account a while and at a peak, they
will drain it with an ACH transfer through a Nigerian bank that works
with them (for a cut of the action).

Best thing to do with them is to ignore them. If you want to do
something at all, forward them with complete headers to which I have been doing for a while. Not sure
what if any good that does but they have never asked me to desist.

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