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TV Movie: Category 6 - Day of Destruction

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Sun, 14 Nov 2004 23:53:55 EST

Did anyone else watch the first part of this two part movie on CBS
Sunday night. (For us, CBS is cable channel 6/7 in Joplin, MO/Tulsa,
OK.) The movie purported to be about a major disaster in Chicago,
when a major power outage covering several midwestern states takes
place on the same day as a major storm (converging on the city from
*three* directions all at once). The movie implied the power outage
was due to a greedy company they called the 'Lexer Corporation' which
was a power supplier to the local electric utility, which they called
'Midwest Edison'. Apparently Lexer had been manipulating things all
over the midwest with the various power companies and was the villian
responsible for the midwest power outage in several states which was
going on. To make matters worse, in the midst of this multi- state
power outage, weather conditions made it necessary to evacuate large
numbers of citizens to shelters, etc. The unusual weather conditions
were due, the movie claimed, to the large number of climate changes
known as 'global warming' and 'greenhouse conditions' which this
company (Lexer Corporation) was also causing through their
mistreatment of the atmosphere. (They, and other companies in the
business of manufacturing and using aerosols).

When the first part of the movie ended Sunday night, the 'Jarvis
Station' of 'Midwest Edison' was running well beyond capacity at the
instuctions of the 'Lexer Corporation' people who were desparate to
keep the power up and running everywhere, despite the fact that that
the federal government was after them to reduce the power output at
'Jarvis' due to the dangers which were being caused. The 'Lexer' and
'Midwest Edison' people have begun to suspect maybe a 'computer
hacker' has caused much of this trouble. The movie producers
frequently use 'Lexer' and 'Enron' in the same scenes, as if to imply
that Lexer's corporate structure and sheer bully pressure on its
employees are going to eventually cause an 'Enron-like' collapse of
Lexer. All the while we see people trapped in elevators and on subway
trains and no one able to get news of any kind on the radio or
television unless they happen to have a portable battery operated

It was a very frightening movie about what will be the consequences of
'global warming' and what will happen if the very complex computers
which run our interlocking power grid go out of order at the same time
as a major storm in a large metropolitan area. The second and final
part of this movie will air on CBS at 8 PM central time on Wednesday
night. If you did not see the Sunday night portion of the movie, you
may want to watch the Wednesday night sequel.

Patrick Townson

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