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Re: Cable Internet, was: Internet Without Landline?

w_tom (
Sun, 14 Nov 2004 03:20:11 -0500

Broadband technology has been long available. Any company that does
not understand what is required of internet providers is demonstrating
why business school principles so often create business failures. For
example, DSL was demonstrated first by British Telephone in
1981. Broadband technology is that old. Because local providers (the
last mile) were stifling internet growth, then the 1996 Federal
Communication Act forced even those 'we fear to pioneer new
technology' companies (baby Bells and cable companies) to let others
provide that service.

Basic principles of broadband have been around so long that only the
naive would not understand what services were available and are

Example: broadband service for internet client access is not same as
service necessary for server access. The former (clients) use an
upload bandwidth much slower than download speeds. The latter
(servers) require equal or higher upload data transfer speeds. Anyone
with first year (basic) networking knowledge would say, "But of
course. This has long been understood." However business school
graduates are taught a good manager can manage any business. Its a
56K modem. Therefore it can do 56K in both directions? According to
'business school' mentalities, these details are too messy, technical,
and unnecessary. Therefore even this paragraph confuses bosses who
are the reason for internet service mistakes.

You are right to blame some businesses for making unnecessary internet
service mistakes. But that mistake is not due to a new technology.
Broadband is over 20 years old. Unfortunately too many think they are
decision makers only because they have a business degree - rather than
first learn from those who make things actually work. The problem is
not that broadband is a new service. The problem is directly
traceable to company management that foolishly practice what business
schools teach: a good manager can manage any business.

Danny Burstein wrote:

> In <>
> (Robert Bonomi) writes:

> [ lots snipped ]

>> 4) Some people need higher _uplink_ throughput, and/or more
>> 'predictable' download speeds, even when a lot of their neighbors
>> are "on-line".

> In many (certainly, most certainly, not all) areas, you can, indeed,
> purchase higher levels of speed and/or quality of service/reliability
> levels from the local cableco. At a higher price, of course.

> The big complaints come from people/businesses who sign up for a
> standard (residential) service level and are shocked, shocked, they
> don't get everything they wished for.

> Personally I'm not at all comfortable with many of these distinctions,
> but the entire high speed (dsl/cable) internet concept is only a few
> years old. There's going to be a lot more shakeup, both pricing and
> speedwise, (and in technology) in the near future.

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