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Re: Pennsylvania Victims Group

Michael D. Sullivan (
Fri, 12 Nov 2004 04:23:15 GMT

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Alecia, before you attempt to re-invent
> the wheel on this, you may want to check into federal actions in
> recent days on Norvergence. The Federal Trade Commission has already,
> not long ago, declared that Norvergence was a total fraud (and a very
> good one, I might add), and they have declared that the leasing things
> that companies like yours signed were equally fraudulent documents.
> Some have suggested that the leasing companies were at best, very
> casual and careless in agreeing to accept the lease assignments, as
> 'holders in due course' and at worst, complicit in the fraud. Use our
> web site to search for Norvergence in our
> archives for all you would ever want to know about that bunch of
> charlatans. As I understand it, essentially no one these days is
> paying on that lease arrangement, no matter how it was phrased, nor
> no matter how aggresive the banks and finance companies have gotten,
> and the more agressive of the 'debtors' (who were defrauded as you
> apparently have been) have begun looking into ways to force the
> return of the money they already paid under duress from collectors,
> etc. Read the last two months or so of this digest at our web site
> for more details before you try to organize people in Pennsylvania
> at some expense to yourself, etc. PAT]

Pat, the FTC hasn't "declared" anything. It has voted to file, and
has filed, a civil complaint. This, by itself, has no legal effect;
it is just the filing of a lawsuit. Any action against Norvergence or
the finance companies will have to come from the judge considering the

Michael D. Sullivan
Bethesda, MD, USA
Delete nospam from my address and it won't work.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Mr. Sullivan, I thought the rulings of
a federal agency had the effect of law. Or perhaps, fact that the
FTC has filed this lawsuit will influence the judge already hearing
the matters at hand. PAT]

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