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Pennsylvania Victims Group

Alecia (
Thu, 11 Nov 2004 14:38:59 -0500

A group is being formed consisting of Pennsylvania Norvergence
victims. This also includes companies outside of PA who have PA
Leasing Companies.

With this group, we could attack our problem with a united front and
exchange information.

We are considering using this information for the following:

Group meeting ? (possibly one in the East and one in the West ? Or
maybe one in Central PA ? - please give your feedback). One member
has offered his company's teleconferencing services to assist with

United mailings to government agencies, elected officials, etc.

Getting media coverage to put pressure on the PA AG and also to find
other victims.

Exchanging information and helping each other develop strategies.

Please respond to this email OFF BOARD and let me know if you are
interested in joining such a group. You must let me know if it is OK
to use your name and information to share with others in the group.
Also let me know if you are willing to be listed along with us if we
contact the media, government agencies, etc.

Of course, if at any time you wish to be removed from the group, just
let us know.

If you are interested, please give me full information -- name,
company name, address, telephone number, fax number, email address,
leasing company and their state, and anything else you feel is
important. You might want to include whether you have been sued, what
equipment you received, what your lease amount is, whether you are
paying, etc.

If you think there is more information we should gather, please let
me know.

I will be glad to share with you all of my information once I hear
from you off-board. Please feel free to contact me by phone as well.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Alecia M. Quinn
VP, Administration
Keystone Foam Corporation
PO Box 355
Loyalhanna, PA 15661
(724) 694-8833
(724) 694-8519 fax

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Alecia, before you attempt to re-invent
the wheel on this, you may want to check into federal actions in
recent days on Norvergence. The Federal Trade Commission has already,
not long ago, declared that Norvergence was a total fraud (and a very
good one, I might add), and they have declared that the leasing things
that companies like yours signed were equally fraudulent documents.
Some have suggested that the leasing companies were at best, very
casual and careless in agreeing to accept the lease assignments, as
'holders in due course' and at worst, complicit in the fraud. Use our
web site to search for Norvergence in our
archives for all you would ever want to know about that bunch of
charlatans. As I understand it, essentially no one these days is
paying on that lease arrangement, no matter how it was phrased, nor
no matter how aggresive the banks and finance companies have gotten,
and the more agressive of the 'debtors' (who were defrauded as you
apparently have been) have begun looking into ways to force the
return of the money they already paid under duress from collectors,
etc. Read the last two months or so of this digest at our web site
for more details before you try to organize people in Pennsylvania
at some expense to yourself, etc. PAT]

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