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Re: Who Sends This Around?

Charles Cryderman (Charles.Cryderman@withheld)
Tue, 9 Nov 2004 06:19:31 -0500


First off, the way things are going, please remove my return e-mail

Now on to my remarks. This guy is just plan nuts. I went and did a
google on this and found his entire rant. Near the beginning he

YEARS and BEHEADED ME which is 10000 times worse than the SEXUAL ABUSE
of prisoners by Lyndie England."

Now I am no doctor or an expert on how the mind works but for some
reason I have a hard time believing anything this joker had to
say. This is because of this one paragraph. How many people do you
know that can live to tell about themselves being "beheaded" Not many
is my guess. Well to tell the truth, none.

Chip Cryderman

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I do agree it is one of the weirder
pieces of spam which makes the rounds. But I think somewhere in the
first few paragraphs of his rant he also states something about "you
people who do not agree with me please go on to the next message."
But judging from the sheer size of his missive (100 K of manually
typewritten text) and the fact that it has been around the net many
times (I suspect; I have recieved it three times I think and it
appears to be bombarding Usenet in every newsgroup), I really have
to wonder where the guy is coming from. Unlike most spam, which
appears to be mass produced and distributed millions of times (usually
smaller in size, and with the same phishing expeditions over and
over, with the same misspelled words in the same place time and time
again), this guy appears to have sat there at least once to type it
in, and on various times has updated it with 'latest details' of
what the #@$&@ FBI has done to him, including lately, as you point
out, the FBI having beheaded him. Very unusual, to say the least.

I must wonder what the average, John Q. Non-Netizen *must think* when
he occassionally stumbles in here, sees the beheaded trolls hoping
around at their keyboards while others try to save us from ourselves
by telling us what our reaction should be to the individuals they have
defined as trolls and sometimes being a bit trollish in their own
responses. I'd say John Q. probably thinks we are all high on drugs.

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