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Re: Who Sends This Around?
Tue, 9 Nov 2004 10:51:44 -0500

In TELECOM Digest V23 #536, our Esteemed Editor wrote (in part):

> Anyone else know anything about this guy?

All you need to know about this guy can be found at

Paul A Lee Sr Telecom Engineer <>
Rite Aid Corporation HL-IS-COM (Telecomm) V: +1 717 730-8355
30 Hunter Lane, Camp Hill, PA 17011-2410 F: +1 717 975-3789
P.O. Box 3165, Harrisburg, PA 17105-3165 W: +1 717 805-6208

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I've a hard time accepting that fellow
(at AOL) definition of 'trolling' or even if it is a valid thing. It
seems to me that what many people call 'trolling' is nothing more
than their explanation of why something they personally disagree with
should not appear on the net. I've been called a 'troll' a few times
and all I can say is that some of us speak and write the way we do
because it is our personality. Some of us (most of us, I would hope!)
write and express ourselves from our personal experiences, the fact
that sometimes what we have to say offends the virgin ears, eyes and
brains of some readers is an unfortunate by-product of that. The fact
that some people are offensive in this way should not mean we should
always dismiss them as a 'troll' rather than read what they have to
say (or not). I am still curious to know if anyone has ever met this
person or has some idea of his background, etc, other than just
dismissing him as a 'troll'. PAT]

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