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Re: What Happened to Channel 1?

Fred Goldstein (
Thu, 04 Nov 2004 15:07:00 -0500

In V23#259, (Mark Roberts) noted,

>> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: But this area did not have cable TV
>> (nor, for the most part) any over the air TV in 1954-55. Coffeyville
>> had that *one* station (channel 4) over the air in that time period,

> I don't see how that is possible with full-power stations on
> channel 4 in Oklahoma City and in Kansas City. Low-power,
> non-translator stations were not authorized until the mid-1980s.

Oklahoma City and Kansas City are well out of range of Independence
and Coffeyville. TV stations are protected to their Grade B contours.
The FCC makes those contours available in the form of a MapInfo
database, which anyone with MapInfo can download and see. So I did.

There is no Channel 4 showing in the immediate area. From
Independence proper, the protected reception channels are:

7 KOAM-TV Pittsburg

(that's all)

Plus there are construction permits in place for:

50 K54GC Independence Trinity Broadcasting translator (application, not CP)
59 K59HS Independence Tulsa Channel 19 LLC translator
34 KIDP-LP Independence Marcia T. Turner (low power TV)
20 K20HJ Independence Tulsa Channel 19 LLC translator
15 KDOR-TV Bartlesville Trinity Broadcasting digital TV

KDOR's Channel 17 contour *just misses* Independence; the DT range
seems a tiny bit larger. The Tulsa stations' contours tend to run out
just about at Coffeyville. There is however no Channel 4 hitting
Coffeyville or anywhere else nearby, for that matter.

A few miles northwest of Independence, Moline County is one of those
unusual places with *no* off-air TV coverage (Grade B) at all.

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I *do not know for sure* they were on
> channel 4 in the 1950's, or even that it was the same thing. I do
> know in the 1950's I stayed for a few days with my cousins who (still
> even today) live in Coffeyville. There was a 24 hour black and white
> station which continuously showed weather dials and a clock; nothing
> else. Neil McLain mentioned Coffeyville Junior College having something
> on Channel 4 *today*. I _assumed_ it was the same thing. Thursday I am
> going to call them and ask them (1) if they are on the air now, (2) if
> they have a program guide (3) if they were on the air fifty years ago
> doing continuous weather, etc. PAT]

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