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Re: What Happened to Channel 1?

Richie Kennedy (
Fri, 05 Nov 2004 00:05:13 -0000

Fred Goldstein <> wrote in

> A few miles northwest of Independence, Moline County is one of those
> unusual places with *no* off-air TV coverage (Grade B) at all.

There is no "Moline County" in Kansas. I'm assuming you are referring
to the town of Moline, in Elk County.

Richie Kennedy
"There's always a stage and a beautiful babe to squeeze my lime..."

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I am sorry I did not catch that error
when the article was first published. Moline is a tiny little town in
a very rural county of Kansas. Here in the eastern half of Kansas
(which is where the people live, what there are of us), Elk County
is *very* rural, even more so than my own Montgomery County. I think
is is about as sparse, population-wise, as Chatauqua County which is
next door to our county. I should have corrected Fred's reference when
the article first came in. And no, they do not have *any* over the air
television signals at all, other than a 'wisp' now and then from
either Tulsa or Wichita. PAT]

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