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Asterisk Recommended Hardware?

Joel (
Mon, 01 Nov 2004 19:21:08 GMT

I'm looking in to implementing Asterisk in our small office to achieve
the following goals:

* Provide extensions/voicemail and SIP speakerphones for all employees
* Make sure all employees can transfer calls to each other
* Provide 'remote' extensions so employees can use softphones when they
are off-site (using IAX2 and DIAX)
* Utilize existing Siemens 2400 base station/speakerphone with
wireless handsets (using ATA)

Is this type of thing a pretty standard setup for Asterisk? I'm a
little worried because of all the vendors providing SIP phones and
ATAs that I've never heard of. Are there some 'standard', trusted
brands that, if I go with them, everything should just work?

The Asterisk wiki didn't seem to answer these questions -- it seems
like every phone will require its own workarounds.


-- Joel

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