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Re: What Happened to Channel 1?

Neal McLain (
Sat, 30 Oct 2004 16:03:00 -0500

Pat wrote:

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I read your tinyurl page
> and it was quite interesting. I also tried your
> suggestion about an antenna on the television and over
> the air signals from Channel 4. I did *not* get anything
> different than what I got before (some hiss and snow with
> a very faint image.)

You *did* tune the television set to channel 4, didn't you?

Also, what sort of antenna were you using?

Assuming you used a decent antenna and tuned the TV to channel 4, but
still couldn't get a picture, I would have to conclude that either
W04EJ was not on the air at the time, or that its signal is too weak
at your home. Given that W04EJ only puts out 310 watts, that might be

Whose signal was that "very faint image" anyway?

> However, if what you suggest is true about interference from
> Coffeyville CC, then why isn't that also true of the guy who does
> the low power repeater of Trinity Broadcasting on (I think) channel
> 22 or 23 here in Indy? Cable One does not block out that channel on
> account of him; in fact I think Trinity is on our cable 22.

Because cable channels (above channel 13) operate at different
frequencies than broadcast channels. Three examples:

------- ----------- -----------
4 66- 72 MHz 66- 72 MHz
22 518-524 MHz 168-174 MHz
23 524-530 MHz 216-222 MHz

Note that broadcast channel 4 and cable channel 4 are the same, but 22
and 23 are not.

For a comparative list of all broadcast-vs.-cable channels, and the
history behind it, see:

> I seem to remember channel 4 from *years* ago when as a young kid I
> lived and visited in Coffeyville. It seems to me it was a 24 hour
> per day transmission of some weather station. The cameras always
> looking at the weather dials, and background music. That would have
> been 1954-55. PAT]

Perhaps you might contact the college and see if they publish a
program guide. I searched the college's website, but couldn't find
anything about their TV station.

Neal McLain

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Good idea. If I think of it I will call
them on Monday. Yes, I turned the television set to channel 4 on over
the air, but for an antenna, I cheated. I did not want to take the TV
set I had available at the time out to the backyard where there is an
antenna (very high) so I used a small, at ground level, but
electrically amplified antenna. I really am just not in a position to
climb up a ladder onto the back porch roof area. If one of the young
guys around the area had been here, I would have asked him to do it,
but everyone seems to have been away celebrating (or avoiding) Neewollah
week events. PAT]

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