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Re: Owner of Stolen '' Can Sue VeriSign - Court

Gary Breuckman (
Thu, 28 Oct 2004 22:24:36 -0500

In article <>, "Patrick Townson"
<> wrote:

> 1) what makes .ORG different than .COM is the nature of the web site.

> 2) .ORG was always traditionally defined as for use by non-profit
> organizations, public service places, etc. ICANN did not just toss
> .ORG into the same pot as .COM for good reasons; they are to serve
> different categories of web sites.

As you said, that difference is 'traditional' and not really enforced
these days -- anyone can apply for the com/org/net TLDs without regard
for what they want to do with them. 'edu' is the only one that's
really restriced anymore. Same with us/biz/info and most of the
country code TLDs.

Anyone with the money to do so can register any domain that's free.
There may be trademark issues, but that gets resolved in court, the
registrars don't care.

-- Gary Breuckman

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I think the registrars would begin to
care if they got sued more often, as in the case. And I feel
Public Interest Registry *should* get sued, to make an example of them
just as Verisign got sued for the way they gave away the thing
without any care in the world (at least at first, until *they* got sued.)

But now I am waiting for the millionaire soccer player Mikka Krupisoff
(or his namesake who corresponded with us a couple days ago using the
'garynuman' mail server in Calgary, Alberta) to get back to me with the
'charter' for PIR which he insisted *requires* them to serve one and
all pornographers and penis enlarger companies equally, along with any
hapless history archivists who happen to be waiting in line. Personally,
I think that is a large slice of bologna; charter, indeed. Either the
ICANN people deliberatly tossed internet traditions out the window
(which would not surprise me) with a new type of charter for the
registrars *or* PIR deliberatly abused the charter and the purpose of
the Public Internet Registry. So which is it, Mikka, or garynuman or
whoever? *Someone* has to get sued! My question is, who? And I am
not interested in chasing off to the Swiss Alps looking for anyone. PAT]

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