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Re: Is There a PBX Like This? Urgent!!!

T. Sean Weintz (
Thu, 28 Oct 2004 15:40:52 -0400

Vish wrote:

> Hi folks,

> I have two incoming lines that need to be transferred to one of
> several remote numbers depending on extension or names directory (for
> a virtual office). Is there a SOHO PBX with the following specs?

> 1. Can be configured locally like a hub or switch is configured ie. by
> launching a browser. For my Belkin ethernet hub I enter on
> my browser and it helps me configure my hub. Any PBX that can be
> configured similarly?

Not that I have ever seen. Not browser based. At least not a shoho system.

> 2. Can be configured remotely (via VPN) over the internet

That's a given. If it works from a browser it will work over VPN.

> 3. PBX should not need a dedicated PC ie. should work independent of a
> PC (except for inital configuration).

> Thanks in anticipation,

> Vish

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