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kansasman (
28 Oct 2004 09:29:36 -0700 (charlie3) wrote in message

> I ported my home phone to Vonage last spring and haven't looked back.
> It happens that cell phone coverage is excellent where I am so I use
> the cell phone as the backup phone. I have Vonage set to
> simultaneously ring the cell phone and ring the cell phone when the
> network is out. With these features, Vonage plus cell phone are
> reliable enough for my purposes.

> Charlie

Good to hear you are happy with VoIP. I have heard mixed reviews
about Vonage, depending on the area. Are you east coast or west
coast? I have also heard mixed reviews about their customer service.

Thanks for the feedback. I am interested in finding out more.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Maybe I am sort of a special customer
of theirs, but I rarely have any hassles with their service.
Occassionally their customer service sucks, but not often. But you
know something? Even Bell, back in the days when it had only a couple
hundred thousand customers (a hundred years ago?) gave excellent
customer service. The extent to which a company begins getting very
bad in its customer service is directly related to its size, and
its customer base. Watch and see if Vonage, in forty or fifty years,
hasn't gotten just as outrageous as the telcos are now. In the case
of Vonage, regardless of your location, customer service is all given
from an east coast office in New Jersey. Finding the proper ratio of
customer base to quality service at a price that does not cause the
company to lose its shirt in the process is a very complex thing. You
want to have enough reps to take calls and stay active but not so few
the customer waits on hold forever and gets wrong answers from a
stressed out representative, and not so many reps that they can sit
around wasting their time and your money. It gets very delicate.

I may be a little bit prejudiced here: This past week, UPS rang my
doorbell and handed me a package from Vonage -- which I had not
ordered -- and in it was a t-shirt and a cap, each with the Vonage
emblem, and a handwritten note saying 'a gift from us to you with our
thanks for being one of our top referrers.' I called VONAGE-HELP on
the phone then and there to say 'thanks' and promptly got put on hold
for ten minutes before a rep answered who had no idea what I was
talking about! PAT]

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