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Re: 'K' v. 'W' Television Station Callsigns

Neal McLain (
Sun, 24 Oct 2004 20:36:25 -0500

Robert Bonomi wrote (in his list of K/W exceptions):

> WRTH St. Louis, Missouri

I wrote:

> The FCC has no record of this callsign.

Robert responded:

> *THAT* is a surprise! Considering ...
> My cribsheet says "1430 AM, St. Louis".

I was surprised too when I discovered my own stupid mistake (see TD

Robert continued:

> _that_ "rule" adds at least half-a-dozen 'out-of-place'
> 'W' stations to the list. Including places such as
> Duluth, MN. :)

> If you're going to put all of MN in the 'K' district,
> there are at least another half-a-dozen 'W' call-signs
> worthy of being listed. <grin> As far east as Duluth.

My original list of television stations (as published in TD V23:505)
identifies nine such exceptions, including three in (or near) Duluth.
If there are more than these nine, please let me know their callsigns
and I'll add them to the list.

W61AF Grand Marais MN
W62DB Minneapolis MN
WBWX-CA Minneapolis MN
WCCO-TV WCCO-DT Minneapolis MN
WCMN-LP Saint Cloud MN
WFTC WFTC-DT Minneapolis MN

In any case, I'm sure you'll agree that there would be far more exceptions
if the river itself were the dividing line.

Furthermore, if the river were the line, where would we put Bemidji -- east
or west?

Pat wrote:

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: When you discuss WLTE or other
> 'W' stations in Minnesota, maybe the reason for the 'W' there
> is because the Mississippi River only begins part way into
> Minnesota; a bit south of St. Paul (or actually Bay City, WI)
> where the water is just a small stream and becomes known as the
> 'Mississippi River'. Most of Minnesota has nothing to do with
> the river. PAT]

As a named river, the Mississippi River originates at Lake Itasca in
Clearwater County, Minnesota. From there, it flows north, past
Bemidji, makes a u-turn, then heads south. It becomes the
Minnesota-Wisconsin state line near Hastings.

Neal McLain

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