TELECOM Digest OnLine - Sorted: Re: 11-Sept Police Widow Gets Domain-Cyberburned

Re: 11-Sept Police Widow Gets Domain-Cyberburned

John Levine (
23 Oct 2004 13:01:28 -0000

> I had asked John Levine to take it away from the person and give it
> back to me. John won't do it. I thought he was one of the registrars
> for .org ...

You thought wrong. Unless you have a clear case of trademark
infringement, which you don't, the only way to get a domain from
someone else is to buy it from them. Yes, this is a pain, but it also
means that someone else who purports to be the Internet Pioneers can't
take your domain away from you.


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: If I had no case of trademark
infringment on the Internet Historical Society and internet-history
then what makes internet-pioneers any better? Both -history and
-pioneers pointed to the same site at where the files
are stored. The cybersquatter purpoted to be the internet historian
and got that; why couldn't he purport to be the internet pioneer? PAT]

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