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Re: Verizon Taking Lessons From Hooterville Telephone Company

SELLCOM Tech support (
Sat, 23 Oct 2004 16:57:06 GMT

Marcus Didius Falco <> posted on that
vast internet thingie:

> A UPS is always a good idea. However, most of them have only enough
> reserve capacity to allow an orderly shutdown (that is, about a half
> hour or less, and don't try to run your laser printer).

We have a generator here but I also have a Minuteman MCP2000E "True
Online" UPS system for our main computers. I also have it connected
to a bank of batteries that can keep us up and going for about 7
hours. It is also very well behaved when running on generator power.
I could add more batteries to get more time but they are not cheap.

I have the Minuteman plugged into a BrickWall surge protector to
protect it.

Steve at SELLCOM
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