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Re: Verizon Taking Lessons From Hooterville Telephone Company

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In article <>, Marcus Didius Falco
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>>> There isn't much you can do if the utility dies. However, you can keep
>>> your house running indefinitely using something called an "inverter".

My wife some time back came up with an idea so ingenious -- in my
spousal opinion, anyway -- that I can't refrain from passing it on.

Honda makes gasoline-powered emergency generators.

Honda also makes gasoline-powered power lawnmowers.

You can see where this is going: Large numbers of us suburbanites own,
maintain, and regularly use our power lawnmowers.

So, why have to also purchase, store, maintain, and periodically test a
gasoline-powered generator for very infrequent emergency use, including
possibly never?

Why not have instead a Honda lawnmover designed so a small auxiliary
Honda-supplied generator can be bolted on top (or on the bottom) of it?

If any of you want to follow up on this commercially, send me a note,
and I'll give you the address for the royalties to my wife.

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