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Re: Who Carries TV Signals and Long Distance -- Today?

John Levine (
23 Oct 2004 02:17:59 -0000

>> For example, New York City to Newark NJ is "long distance"
>> since it crosses states and LATA boundaries, but is physically so
>> close calls be carried over plain copper interoffice trunks. Are such
>> close LD calls still sent that way? It would seem strange to bounce
>> 10 mile call off of a satellite.

> It is not inherently true that a call that crosses state
> boundaries and LATA boundaries is long distance.

That's true. LATA boundaries only matter for calls that were already
long distance. Local calling areas cross state and LATA boundaries
all over the country, and in a few areas (as often noted here in the
past) even international boundaries.

With respect to the specific case of calls between New York and
Newark, that's always been a toll call, but NY Tel and NJ Bell got a
special waiver at the time of the Bell breakup that let them continue
to carry toll traffic between NYC and the adjacent part of NJ. Once
equal access came in, callers could use 10NYT or 10NJB to select them
as the carrier for those calls. There was a similar waiver between
Philadelphia and nearby southern NJ, slightly more confusing since
Phila to Camden was a local call, but Phila to slightly more distant
towns like Cherry Hill was toll. Now that all of the Bells have long
distance authority, the waivers are irrelevant.

I don't think anyone used satellite for much domestic traffic other
than SBS which didn't last very long. Satellites are great for
broadcast but lousy for point to point unless one of the points is the
top of a mountain or otherwise inaccessible. NY to NJ was doubtless
carrier and now fiber, most likely run through some of the rail
tunnels underneath the Hudson.


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