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Re: 'K' v. 'W' Television Station Callsigns

Garrett Wollman (
Fri, 22 Oct 2004 02:06:16 UTC

In article <>, Neal McLain
<> wrote:

> WOI(AM) and WOI-FM are licensed to Iowa State University. WOI-TV is a
> commercial station (ABC affiliate) serving the Des Moines/Ames/
> Marshalltown DMA [...]. ISU does not operate a TV station

However, ISU *did* operate a TV station, namely WOI-TV. It was sold
to a private owner within the last couple of decades.

> WWL(AM) and WWL-TV are now located in New Orleans, LA.

Formerly owned by Loyola University.

>> WOW Omaha, Nebraska

> AM only; sister TV is WOWT.

AM is now KOMJ.

>> WRR Dallas, Texas

> FM only (PAT: classical music, streamed online!)

Started out on the AM facility that's now KTCK, if I remember correctly.

>> WBAP Ft. Worth, Texas

> AM only.

Amon Carter's TV station was channel 5, now NBC-owned KXAS. The radio
stations are owned by Disney/ABC.

>> WNAX Yankton, South Dakota

> AM only.

WNAX's sister FM has been WNAX-FM several times in the past (as
recently as 2001 when I was there).

>> and, some hair-splitting (Metro area crosses the river,
>> transmitter_could_ be on the Illinois side of the Missippi):

>> WIL St. Louis, Missouri

> FM only. Transmitter is located in Missouri.

>> WRTH St. Louis, Missouri

> The FCC has no record of this callsign.

I had no trouble finding it in the FCC database. In any case, WRTH
*is* the station that was WIL. St. Louis also has the unusual case of
KWK, Granite City, Ill.

>> WACO Waco, Texas.

> FM only.

Formerly on AM (as with all of these examples outside of Minnesota and

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Is there a 'WIL' (one /L/) in
> St. Louis? The reason I ask is because there is a 'WILL' (two /L/)
> at the University of Illinois in Champaign, 580 KC on AM band.) PAT]

Yes and no. There is no longer a "WIL" in St. Louis; that station is
now WRTH. There is still a "WIL-FM", but according to the FCC's rules
as written, there can never be a "WIL" again. However, the Commission
accepted a frankly ridiculous argument from the owners of KKHJ (930
Los Angeles) to get its old callsign (KHJ) back. (KHJ's historic FM
sister is most recently KRTH, ironically enough.)

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