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Lisa Hancock (
20 Oct 2004 20:05:45 -0700 (Lisa Hancock) wrote:

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: You may be interested in a show to
> be aired on October 27 at (I think) 10 PM eastern/9 central on
> TV Land, called "Politics and Prime Time".

Thanks for the flag, that show should be very informative. I just
hope they show the historical commercials in their _entirety_, rather
than quick brief snippets.

> TV Land has been doing promotions for it for several weeks now,
> including the infamous one of Barry Goldwater (who ran against
> Kennedy as I recall)

I think you mean Johnson. It's tough to say what kind of president
Goldwater would've made. But Johnson was a HUGE disappointment.
Vietnam, instead of going away, became a huge mess. The Civil Rights
era became a huge mess though much of that was not Johnson's fault.

> The other good one TV Land has shown almost daily of late is Bush
> the First telling us "what America needs is a family structure like
> the Walton's, not Homer Simpson."

I know it sounds corny, but I agree with that statement. I've seen
too many "Homer Simpson"-like families who had plenty of opportunity
but screwed it up through their own irresponsibilities. I've got
enough gray now to have seen lousy long term behavior patterns that
end badly.

> Smears and innuendo are nothing new at election time, are they, Lisa?

Heck, no! I've already mentioned Nixon's early campaigns. At the
same time, Truman was quite nasty in his 1948 campaign against Dewey.
We like Truman (who was an excellent president) and cheer his big
upset win, but he got pretty shrill in his campaign.

Cover-ups aren't new either. It appears FDR's 1944 campaign was a
huge coverup to hide FDR's failing health from the public; he had a
very serious heart condition by that point. (In fairness, FDR himself
appears to have been in denial and didn't follow doctor's orders.
Even back then they wanted him to quit smoking.)

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