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Re: Sinclair: From Bad to Worse

Thomas A. Horsley (
Thu, 21 Oct 2004 20:57:48 GMT

> On Monday, Sinclair fired the head of its Washington bureau for having
> the temerity to criticize the airing of one-sided propaganda (ironic,
> considering Sinclair is claiming a First Amendment right to air the
> film).

I don't like Sinclair, but I'm afraid I can't find any irony here.
Sinclair owns the stations -- he can put anything he wants on and hire
or fire anyone he wants to. There is nothing in the First Amendment
that guarantees there will be no consequences for speaking up -- it
just guarantees the gummint can't do anything to stop you.

"The truth will set you free" (and if you don't believe it, tell your
boss the truth someday :-).

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