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Smart ID Cards Track Students

Lisa Hancock (
17 Nov 2004 12:45:08 -0800

The New York Times reported that a school district is using
sophisticated monitoring systems to track students throughout the day.


When I was a kid there was a little concern about abduction; we
were often warned never to talk to strangers.

But our parents' biggest worry seemed to be us getting hit by a
car if we jumped into the street without looking. It seemed
pedestrian safety lectures were the biggest item.

During my first two years of high school, we had a strict student
corridor patrol. You were not allowed in the halls, and those kids
were brutal. During the last two years, they abolished that patrol
and discovered there wasn't any problem with an honor system. If
someone had to visit their locker or other business during lunch or
study hall, we could do so; we were just expected to be quiet and not
create any noise. It worked out very well. Most kids didn't create
problems. Indeed, many past disturbances were from the corridor
patrol themselves.

I realize in handling large groups of people, especially in crowded
space-short conditions, that rules and procedures are necessary to
keep things orderly and prevent trouble. But I also think reasonable
training and faith in people works well too as long as people don't
try to take advtg of the system. Too many stupid petty rules aren't

I am not too thrilled with this dawn-to-dusk ID card checking. Will a
kid get detention if he happens to be in corridor "B" instead of
corridor "A"? Will the cards turn into timeclocks to track lateness
and absence?

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