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Intermittent Display Problem With Panasonic 32" LCD TV
15 Nov 2004 17:39:01 -0800


I wonder if anyone has heard of or seen this problem before.

I have a 3 month old 32" Panasonic LCD TV.

This TV works a treat apart from when viewing the odd TV program with
allot of close-ups of peoples heads where intermittenly the skin on
their faces seems to float of the face or more correctly their face
moves but the skin stays in one place.

It's a very wierd problem not totally annoying to me although it seems
to irritate my girlfriend more so I do get annoyed (if you know what I

I'm pretty sure it's not a TV display problem as in DVD mode via the
component video it does not do it at all in fact the picture using a
>3 year old DVD movie is perfect as you would want it.

THe problem to crop up more often than not with UK sourced programs
i.e. crime drama's, BBC World. But it also very occassionaly (but not
all the time) happens with some US programs like Law & Order & SVU.

It doesn't seem to happen with locally broadcast TV so I'm picking
that's it some sort of broadcast in-compatibility but so far have
failed to get rid if it via the TV settings.

I also thought it might be an amorphic problem i.e. some wierd
distortion casued by the TV display 4:3 in 16:9 but I eliminated this
by watching TV in native 4:3 mode until the problem cropped up again.

BTW this model TV does a great job of displaying 4:3 in 16:9 compared
to some LCD TV's that I have seen.

My TV model is a Veria TX-32LX1A. (That's the New Zealand Model

The equivalent US TV is I think the Viera TC-32LX20.


Graham Warren

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