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While I'm Asking Questions: CalNet

Lincoln J. King-Cliby (
14 Nov 2004 18:30:00 -0800

While I'm at this:

How does CalNet work?

The particular system I'm refering to is what appears to be a private
telephone network connecting some (but by no means all) California
state agencies with its own dialplan.

For example, from the Office of Risk and Insurance Management website:

Susan Hogg
(Office Chief)
(916) 376-5271
CALNET: 8-480-5271

Or the Agricultural Labor Relations Board
PHONE 916-653-3803
CALNET 8-453-3803

etc., etc., etc.,

But other agencies -- such as (as far as I can tell) every campus
within the California State University system, and the University of
California have absolutely no participation in CalNet.

So how does it work? I can't imagine the State of California
mantaining its own LD switching equipment ... well, actually I can,
but I'd rather not.



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