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Re: Multi-link SR3 and Caller ID?

David I (
12 Nov 2004 09:50:49 -0800

My understanding on how these routers work is that it monitors the
first incoming ring burst, and then based on the ring pattern,
forwards the ringing call to one of the output ports.

Since Caller ID information is transferred between the first and
second ring, that data may not be getting to your phones that are

I see that some of the Multi-Link products (e.g. The Stick) have a
pass-through mode where all lines receive the incoming call for two
rings so that the CID is received, and then the unit kicks in and
restricts the call to one of the ports.

For their SR2/3 products, it says to contact technical service for a
by-pass option (

I would be curious what the workaround is if you find out.

-david i (Richard Coutts) wrote in message news:<>:

> I've been using a Command Communications ASAP DR401 for routing three
> distinctive ring lines -- one for my home number, one for my business
> number, and one for my fax. It has worked great, but it filters out
> the Caller ID (I can put a Caller ID device in series before the
> DR401, but I really need at after the DR401, at each phone). So, I'm
> now looking for a device that doesn't filter out the Caller ID.

> I'm looking at Multi-Link's SR3, but I can't find any information
> online about how it handles Caller ID -- does it also filter out the
> Caller ID info? Also, what is Multi-Link's web page? I haven't been
> able to find it.

> Thanks,

> Rich

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