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Re: Lost Caller ID Switching Local Service - Need Explanation

Isaiah Beard (
Tue, 09 Nov 2004 16:25:37 -0500

Adam Harbour wrote:

> Hi,

> I switched from Verizon to Ztel local service last year and in the
> process lost my caller id service. I am the only person in my street
> that does not have it but ZTel told me that it is not available in my
> area. Here is the explanation from the ZTel engineer. Can somebody
> read and understand it and tell me if it is BS or true and what I
> would have to do to get caller id service back. I really need it for
> both my business and home use.


> "Attempt to add any form of caller id to this ani not available ;
> spoke to repair/ not in switch, not on service order that migrated
> them to ztel/ spoke to business office and verified that no form of
> caller id is available in this switch/ npa nxx/ spoke to customer to
> try to explain there are only a certain # of cid spots in each switch
> and per Verizon this is no longer available in this switch/ cannot add
> cid closing ticket - have called and advised customer. "


The comments the tech provided are very sketchy and even
contradictory. But it would would appears the the tech is trying to
claim the that when you switched to Ztel, your number was moved to a
different central office swtich (and he is very likely correct) and
that switch that your number has been moved to is not fully SS7
compliant, and is not capable of caller ID.

In layman's terms, Ztel probably cheaped out and is using
bargain-basement, substandard equipment in your area, that can't
handle caller ID functions.

I find that explanation a little hard to believe, but it is possible.

You mention everyone else in your neighborhood has caller ID. Have
they too switched to Ztel, or are they still with Verizon? If still
with Verizon, then the explanation you've been given is likely. If
you DO have neighbors with Ztel and they do have Caller ID, then it's
possible this tech doens't know what he's doing.

In any case, if CID is important to you, I'd dump Ztel. If you really
don't want to be with Verizon, there are plenty of VoIP providers
where you can port your number to (Vonage, Packet8, Lingo, and
possibly your local cable company) that do in fact provide CID
services. You might get better rates, too.

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