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Zultys MX250

Stephen Jones (
9 Nov 2004 11:19:42 -0800

I am about to embark on investing in a Zultys MX250 -- I'm planning on
purchasing 37 ZIP2 IP phones and 10 ZIP4X4 phones -- the phone system
will co-exist on my network with a DELL 48 port switch. I am not
planning on putting all my call traffic over the Internet until I have
a permanent leased line installed however I am VERY concerned about
call quality even though we will be going over traditional BT phone

Does anyone have any experience of the Zultys telephone system -- i.e.
is it any good. The feature set is amazing and the cost is around the
same cost of a traditional digital system such as the Ascotel 2065.

I would love to receive any feedback,

Kind Regards,


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