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Does Vonage Service work Like SBC?

Zylan (
7 Nov 2004 18:02:52 -0800

I have SBC and I can go to any room in my house that has a phone jack
and plug in my phones and it will work. My understanding from what
I've read is that Vonage works by having you plug the phone cable into
their Vonage device and plug the other end to your phone. Now how
will this allow me to talk to someone from a phone in my master
bedroom as opposed to another room with a phone jack. Thanks in

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: The answer is yes and no. YES it will
work if it is wired up correctly, but NO, it will not work and may
well fry your Vonage adapter if it accidentally comes in contact
with the SBC (or for that matter, any telco) lines. Telephones do
send various amounts of voltage down the line; frequently it is very
benign to human beings who happen to touch the wires, but it and
the voltage coming out of/going into a telephone adapter for VOIP
do *not* get along. Make positively sure the lines from telco are
totally isolated at the demarc (point of entry into your house) from
your house wiring before you extend your Vonage adapter around the
house through other connector boxes, etc. Read the message in this
issue, some email correspondence I have had with another guy who
'just assumed' the wiring in his house was correct and found out
the Vonage adapter box did not like it at all. PAT]

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