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Looking For Billing Systems Information

Sam (
5 Nov 2004 17:25:28 -0800

I thought I posted this but it's not shown up yet.

I cannot seem to find good billing systems information. All my
searches produce a lot of vendor sites and resumes.

How do you all find info on billing?

I've been asked to add customizations to our billing system & I'd like
to understand billing systems in general.

Stuff like:

Side by side comparisons of system features - Amdocs, Portal, LHS, etc

What are recommended practices/ rules of thumb on how many cycles to

How many dummy accounts should be run to verify bill correctness, or
should you not use dummy accounts, preferring to use real accounts in
a 'no-print, no-effect, dummy mode".

How to inject information for dummy accunts? Into the switch somehow?
fake files that look like they come from the switch? direct SQL
inserts into the database?

For those telecoms that can set prices what are good strategies for
double -- triple -- quadruple checking the input?

What's the preferred method of integrating fraud detection? At the
database level? Integrated at the switch?

Thanks in advance.

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