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Help: Vonage Problem After Installation

Iluv (
6 Nov 2004 09:05:32 -0800

Hey guys,

I just got the Vonage service. They sent me a box with the Linksys
Router. The installation was pretty simple. Now, I have one big
problem. I used an RJ-11 to connect from the Linksys Phone Line port
to a phone line port on the wall of my bedroom. The other phones in my
bedrooms and kitchen (which all have a phone wall jack) will ring only
once when I try to dial my new number from my personal cell phone to
test the incoming calls as if someone from outside calling to my
house. Incoming calls will only ring once and then dead silence.
Outgoing doesn't seem to be a problem as I can call my friends. Any
ideas on what to do? I've already set it to tone (not pulse) as Vonage
mentioned in the brochure. Basically, all I want to do is use my
phones throughout the house for incoming and outgoing calls. Please
assist. Thanks.

PS: I have only one phone number(line).

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Whatever you do, *** get that Vonage
adapter box disconnected from the telephone line immediatly ***. NEVER
hook a Vonage adapter box into a phone outlet _until all phone lines
are disconnected at the demarc or the main terminal where they come
into your house_.

That will probably fry the Vonage box totally, and if it has not
yet, I would be quite surprised. The reason your phone rings one
time then goes dead is due to this problem. Stop right now and
make sure Vonage and your telephone line do NOT see or come in
contact with each other. They obviously are somewhere in your
house. Make sure there is _NO_ short on the line. Try it first only
between the Vonage adapter box and a phone plugged in there. Having
the Vonage phone on touch tone instead of rotary is important, but
for a different reason (Vonage does not recognize pulse dialing).
Your main thing right now is get that thing disconnected from the
wall box until you make sure the wall boxes are all working and
*disconnected everywhere* from any Bell lines, eitehr alive or
(in theory) 'dead'. Then let us know how it works. PAT]

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