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Re: New Electronic Check Law Sinks 'Float'

DevilsPGD (
Thu, 04 Nov 2004 22:12:49 -0700

In message <> Isaiah Beard
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>> I use Visa for the opposite reason -- Lack of paper means I can
>> reverse any charge at a whim, and it's up to the merchant to produce a
>> signed paper or they'll eat the charges.

> True, however, things like auto finance companies, mortgage companies,
> student loan servicers, and courts where things like parking or
> traffic tickets are owed have recourse of their own if a payment can't
> be tracked. :) So, I'd much prefer to have proof of payment in those
> cases than not.

I have proof of payment -- A line on the statement showing they
processed the payment, and (usually) a matching receipt. I keep any
important receipt, although I do toss the day to day stuff.

> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: That is where when you use a credit
> card to pay a bill you want to keep track of the authorization number
> the merchant got when he sold you whatever. That happened to me once
> with my good friends, Southwestern Bell. They told me they did not
> get a payment, I said they did. They said "well you have to send us
> proof or get cut off". I produced the sales authorization number they
> had been given when they first took my card as payment, and told them
> "there, you see you got paid. Now straighten it out with VISA who
> authorized it, and here is a copy of my bill showing where you got
> the money." They were most perturbed by that remark, but they agreed
> they had gotten the money; they just did not know what they had done
> with it or where they applied it, which was not my fault. PAT]

Or, if they can't find it, reverse the charge, sit back and watch how
fast they can find the payment. They will, of course, want their
money immediately, but they can't penalize you for late payment or
anything since they did pay you in the first place.

And sometimes I park, in handicapped spaces,
While handicapped people, make handicapped faces!
-- Denis Leary

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