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How do I Find Useful Sites About Telecom Billing; Processes?

Sam (
4 Nov 2004 19:31:14 -0800

With all my google searches so far I have to wade through a lot of
resumes and headhunter postings and vendor sales information. I can't
seem to find a lot of useful stuff.

The useful stuff I'm looking for are sites that give examples of how
various people/companies do billing related business processes. I've
been asked to do some work with a billing system & would like to get a
feel for how some people/companies approach things.

Various things along the whole data pipeline, some examples being
rules of thumb for how many billing cycles to have.

How many dummy accounts should you have to check billing run
accuracies? How many dummy calls per account? At what stage of the
billing process do you inject dummy calls:

at the switch,
at the switch-file loading into the DB,
as SQL inserts into the DB?

Or should you even have dummy accounts, should you test with real
accounts set in a "no-real-bill, no-dummy-effect, dummy mode"?

What are some good processes for entering rates, taxes (for those
companies that can fix rates themselves and don't buy government
approved rates in easily loadable electronic format), for example,
should the typing be checked 3 times? 4 times?

Thanks in advance.

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