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Re: When Phones Go Bad

David Clayton (
Tue, 02 Nov 2004 15:21:31 +1100

Danny Burstein <> contributed the following:

> In <> Marcus Didius Falco <> writes:

> [ snip ]

>> For most cell phone users, replacing a phone that's gone bad comes
>> with an added cost in time and aggravation: pecking away at the keys
>> of the new phone to reconstruct a mobile address book of often-used
>> names and numbers.

> Hence one of the beauties of the SIMcard method used on GSM (and a
> handful of other) phones. All the info can be stored in the thumbnail
> sized chip, and all you need to do is move it from the old phone to
> the new one.

And even better, you frequently "back up" your SIM card data to a PC,
so in the event of losing the phone (with the SIM card in it), you can
restore all of your valuable contact info into the replacement SIM


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