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XM vs. IPod - XM's New Portable Satellite Radio

Monty Solomon (
Fri, 29 Oct 2004 22:28:23 -0400

Will XM's new portable satellite radio make the iPod obsolete?

By Paul Boutin

Listen to this story on NPR's Day to Day.

Apple Computer and XM Radio both unveiled hot, next-generation
portable music players this morning. Apple's upgraded iPod Photo has
60 gigs of storage capacity, a color screen, and new software that
lets you bloat it with photos as well as music. (Cost: $499 for the
40-gig model, $599 for the 60-gig version.) XM's new MyFi player is,
in short, the first satellite radio Walkman. It can tune into 130-plus
channels of digital radio and even store five hours of programming for
you to play back at your leisure. (Cost: $349.99, plus $9.99 per month
for an XM subscription.)

My instant take on today's game of whiz-bang one-upmanship is that
both companies lost. It's now five hours after Apple's U2-bedecked
press conference, and I still haven't stopped yawning. This new iPod
Photo is the same iPod we're already sick of hearing about. The 2-inch
color screen isn't the start of any digital revolution-all it does is
turn your iPod into a camera phone that can't take pictures or make
phone calls.

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