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Re: Home Phones Face Uncertain Future

Joseph (
Wed, 27 Oct 2004 18:31:16 -0700

On Wed, 27 Oct 2004 11:51:05 -0400, Isaiah Beard
<> wrote:

> The landline phone's peak has come and gone, but it won't be gone.
> Anyone who has complained about the sound quality of a cell phone
> connection (nearly all of us, I would think) can attest to this.

Over 90% of the time my cell phone voice quality is every bit as good
as wireline phone service.

On 26 Oct 2004 17:05:28 -0700, (Dave Close) wrote:

> If the original article proves correct, you may find that land-line
> phone service will become much less ubiquitous, and much more costly.

Not only for home service, but look at pay phones. Pay phones not
only are becoming scarce (my local super market just remodeled and
they decided that they were not going to install pay phones since they
were just being used to make drug sales.) Not only that but since pay
phones are getting less traffic the phone companies decided that the
solution to that was to increase the rate for local calls by 50%
rather than try to find a way to make them viable. Another local mall
when they did a remodel also removed all pay phones. The neighborhood
near the mall also petitioned the tenant who had the phones in front
to remove them. They are more valuable to drug dealers than they are
to the man on the street.

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